Mens Footwear to Compliment Your Denim

If you’re an outdoor person, chances are that you wear jeans and sneakers a lot. I’m not disapproving anything here; florsheim men footwear  with jeans are a perfect choice. But if you thought that jeans can only be worn with sneakers then you need to think again. As a matter of fact there is plenty of other male footwear to choose from that you should not just limit yourself to a single style.

Denims are very versatile despite of their casual look, this means that you can use the same denims with a different style of shoes and create a totally different look. Here I explore some of the most popular men’s footwear that creates a nice look when worn with denims.

Sneakers – the most popular footwear among men

Fashion rules are increasingly becoming lenient than before, and sneakers are now available in a wide array of styles that they can be worn with almost anything imaginable in the male wardrobe, and with jeans of course topping the list. The Classic white trainer type of male sneakers are always a safe bet but it’s even more interesting and fashionable to try a skate, a retro or better a European style sneaker. Add blending texture and color and your fashion rating will be all time high. But what else besides sneakers can a man wear?

Boots – yes, boots!

It’s funny to note that for each man who can’t be parted with his preferred sneakers, there is definitely another one that cannot be separated from his favorite boots. The good news to every man is that boots make a perfect match to jeans just like sneakers. When selecting boots for your denims, try something that deviates from the work theme, cowboy or hiking, and go for boots that is a little bit chic, fancy and classy. Want some ideas? Check below.

Slip-on like Moccasins and Loafers

There are many Slip-ons ranging from dressier to casual that you can choose from. The good thing with these types of boots is that they have no laces. When choosing boots for your jeans, take a clue from the type of shirts you’ll be wearing. Golf shirts and polo go well with loafers and sporty shoes, Henley’s and sweaters with trendy and rugged shoes. Below are some good ideas.